Photography as...

One of the most powerful ways to describe photography and what it can be is through the use of simile and comparison, and in this section I use these tools to discuss my thoughts about photography and what it means to me.

Some of these texts are based on my degree thesis 'Landscape as Journey', which specifically looked at the work of landscape photographers, including Paul Caponigro and Gerhard Stromberg.

'I think that the light is there and that's what you see... You learn to see things by practice... The more you look at things, the more you see.'#

Eliot Porter

Footnotes are indicated by a hash symbol (#), you can click on it to take you directly to the footnote.

General Writings

Intuition v. Construction
(philosophy v. technique)

What comes after Postmodernism?


Education, Education, Education

'Photography as...' Series

... alchemy

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