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Focal Point

Suppliers of photographic materials and equipment, photographic and computer training.

Eclipse Networking

Reliable and well supported ISP and web hoster.

MacUser Magazine

The premier Mac magazine in the UK, very helpful forum members.

Photographers & Artists
Tim MacMillan

Inventor of the timeslice technique.

Chris Chapman

Photographer of Dartmoor.

Panoramic/QuickTime Software & Sites

One of the most-browsed panoramic sites in the world, with a new full-screen panorama each week.

Totally Hip

Producers of LiveStage Pro, one of the most powerful pieces of software for producing interactive QuickTime media.

Panotools: the original free stitching/remapping software developer by Professor Helmut Dersch. Available for PC, Linux & Mac OS 9 but not OS X. Includes Photoshop filters.

This website is currently down, please try the mirrors further down.

PTMac: OS 9 & OS X versions of a GUI for Panotools, makes it far easier to use & is not expensive. Photoshop 7 filters for OS X also available.

PTGui: Windows GUI for Panotools, makes it far easier to use & is not expensive.

A very busy and helpful mailing list devoted to PanoTools and panoramic stitching/viewing in general.

Panotools mirror in Australia, has an up to date version.

Another Panotools mirror.

Another Panotools mirror with older versions.


The website of my partner, covering kinesieology and other alternative therapies.

Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club

One of the largest, and certainly the friendliest photographic club in the South West.

A Flash-based exploration of time passing in a particular location.

Art Organizations
Duckspool Photography Workshops

Photography workshops with world renowned photographers.
ILA discounts and SWA bursaries available.

Exeter Health Care Arts

A pioneering organisation working within the NHS in Devon.

Art for Offices

Art consultants to businesses throughout Europe.

South West Arts

The regional arts board for Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.

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